Crooked River Gorge and Bridges

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Crooked River Gorge

Crooked River Gorge

crooked river rail bridge

Crooked River Rail Bridge

crooked river low brigdge

Crooked River Low Bridge

Crooked River High Bridge

Crooked River High Bridge

December 3 Dusting of Snow

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Snow in SW Bend

Woke up this morning to a half inch or so of snow and the temperature in the teens. Snapped this photo. Around 10:30, Ted and I headed off to his chiropractic appointment with me spending time working at a coffee shop. I decided to try a new one to me just down the street from where I have been quite regular lately.  The coffee shop is called Palate a Coffee Bar and is located on Bond Street in downtown Bend, Oregon.

I’m really impressed with the atmosphere of the Palate, rustic with a nice fire going, friendly staff, and good coffee. I enjoyed a couple of hours working there and will be back! A new favorite, it kind of reminds me of the Sisters Coffee Company in Sisters, Oregon, another favorite in Central Oregon.

Palate Coffee Bar

For lunch we headed to McMenamins, a place both Ted and I had been wanting to check out ever since we moved here. Another winner! Time to head home and get some more work done. It’s been a fun productive snowy day here in Bend, Oregon.


Reed Market Bridge Ride

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brompton and deschutes river

Yesterday it was fairly clear with a few clouds and cold. We took Max down to the dog park and I took along my Brompton as I felt like at least a short ride. The temperature was hanging around 25 degrees so I new I could not be out in it to long but felt the need for a little cycling.

I first headed north to the Colorado Bridge than turned around and crossed the river and rode down to the Reed Market Bridge. I had never been underneath the bridge on the east side so went there and that is where I took the picture of the Brompton and the Deschutes River. Quite pretty with the sun peaking through the clouds.

I than headed back to the dog park and stopped at the bridge crossing to snap this photo. A gorgeous day though I know now I need to get a warmer hat to go under my helmet and possibly a face mask to keep the cold off my lower face and chin. Winter riding is a new experience for me, but I find it invigorating and fun.

deschutes river

Burns, Oregon Road Trip

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mini cooper on hwy 20

On November 29, 2014 Ted and I took a road trip out to Burns, Oregon. Neither one of us had been there before and we wanted to see what that part of eastern Oregon looked like. The temperature was around 30 degrees and I debated on which car to take but finally decided on the Mini Cooper. It has been spending way to much time in the garage with the snow on the ground and it looked liked the temperature would get around 38 or so out in Burns.

We headed out Highway 20 and discovered there are several small passes between Bend and Burns, a canyon or two and lots of mountains. Also many long stretches of straight roads and the land varies with lots of junipers, sagebrush, etc. in the high desert.

eastern oregon high desert

After around 140 miles we arrived and stopped to have lunch at a small Mexican Food cafe. Burns is a small town of around 2,800 people but the largest we had seen sense leaving Bend. We drove around a bit and headed home. Ted snoozed in the car and I played games with the sun and clouds. We encountered a couple of small snow flurries on the way back but the roads stayed clear. A fun day but most likely won’t head out there to often unless we are driving to Idaho or have some other reason.

Burns, Oregon

November River Ride

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Brompton and Deschutes

One of our “daily” chores since moving from Healdsburg (Rio Lindo Academy) to Bend, Oregon has been to take Max our yellow lab to the dog park. Ted usually does the honors of exercising Max either at the park or in the river. I will usually go for a walk on the paths along the river or in the Old Mill District shopping area. Today, I decided to take my folding Brompton and go for a ride. The weather was questionable and I went back and forth but decided to ride anyway.

I headed north on the path to the Colorado bridge where they are doing construction on a new walking bridge. Kept going looking for another bridge to cross over the river. I found one near another small park and stopped to shoot a few photos with my iPhone 5. I then crossed the river and the weather decided to turn nasty. Wind and rain were my challenge as I headed back towards the dog park. By the time I got back my ears were freezing and my clothes were soaked. Folded the bike and hopped in the 4Runner. as Ted and Max joined me.

Next time, I’ll be sure and ware a beanie or warm hat under my helmet, and leave the jeans at home. Live and learn, part of the adventure of living here in Bend.

Deschutes River Cabin

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Deschutes River Cabin

We decided to find a place that served a standard Thanksgiving meal and was open on the holiday and ended up at the Riverhouse Restaurant. While eating our dinner we spotted this old log cabin across the river and decided to check it out when we were done. Turns out it has a pretty interesting history.

The cabin was used by the Old Sterns Cattle Company as a mine shack in the early 1900s along the Lazy River, south of Sunriver, Oregon.

In the 1970s, it was used in an old Western film with John Wayne and Katharine Hepburn called “Rooster Cogburn.” Shot in Smith Rock State Park, the cabin moved to this site after filming ended. A piece of old Hollywood in our little town of Bend, Oregon!

Managing Partner of the Riverhouse Hotel, Wayne Purcell, talks about the history of this cabin in the video below from Zolo Media.

Frost and Fall Leaves

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This mornings walk was quite chilly with heavy frost attaching itself to everything. These fall leaves, one sitting on the other with the contrasting colors attracted my attention. The white frost attached to the edges added another dimension.

Pool Houses

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This photograph is of some pool houses at a local winery here in Sonoma County. I enjoyed the pattern they made and the contrasting colors.

My Review of Nikon 50mm f/1.8D AF Standard Auto Focus Nikkor Lens – with 5 Year U.S.A. Warranty

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Originally submitted at Adorama

Nikon 50mm f/1.8D AF Standard Auto Focus Nikkor Lens – with 5 Year U.S.A. Warranty

Great lens for the money!

By Kent from Healdsburg, CA on 10/17/2011


5out of 5

Pros: Consistent Output, Fast / accurate auto-focus, Lightweight

Cons: None so far

Best Uses: Landscape/Scenery, Indoors/Low Light

Describe Yourself: Photo Enthusiast

Was this a gift?: No

A very light sharp lens, fast focus and almost guaranteed results every time. Great to carry on my D200 and fun to use.

Pumpkin flower taken with lens


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Tumbleweed Backyard Sheds & Tiny Houses Review

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As most of you know I publish the Tiny House Blog and along with that I promote some products to help make money to run the blog and help keep food on the table. I have recently been playing with publishing a few videos and decided to do a book review via a video. I am very new at this and have lots to learn but thought I would share it with the visitors to my personal blog. Feel free to critique it as I am open to any suggestions. Thanks for watching.